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Hearing Aids, Inc. was established in 1972 by Jackson “Chief” Rainwater, Jr in McAllen, Texas.  In 1978, his son, Jackson “Jack” Rainwater, III, joined him and Hearing Aids, Inc. expanded into Weslaco, Texas.  Together they further expanded the business to Harlingen, Texas in 1981 when they purchased Fostners Zenith Corner, an existing hearing aid business. 

Jack has the knowledge to make most hearing aids sound better through computerization. After forty years of experience, he has learned the nuances of hearing needs and how a hearing aid can be adjusted to meet those needs. Jack is proud and satisfied when his customers tell him they haven’t heard as well as they do in a long time. Helping his customers reach their best state of hearing his Jack’s ultimate goal.

Ofelia “Ofie” Juarez has worked with Hearing Aids, Inc since 1981. Ofie manages the Harlingen office and shares responsibility with Jack of the McAllen office. Her expertise as a fitter and dispenser for more than 35 years offers customers a pleasant and results-driven experience in properly fitting hearing loss.

The partnership between Jack and Ofie promises satisfaction as they help customers achieve an active lifestyle unencumbered by poor hearing. It’s no surprise that Hearing Aids Inc derives most customers through referrals.

As an independent office, we can select the hearing aid which best meets your needs.  Our hearing devices feature the latest in hearing aid styles and technology.  The best hearing aid for you depends on your hearing loss and lifestyle.  We will advise you on which hearing aid style and features are most appropriate for you.  Hearing is our concern at Hearing Aids, Inc. 

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